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Easy ways you can include Kashmiri Red Chilli in your diet


Soaked red chillies are best to use in the gravies and dry dishes, for that you just need to remove the stems and seeds, place them in hot water, leave to rest for 30 minutes, drain and use as per the requirement.

The roasted kashmiri chillies have the exotic aroma which spreads on the spot just by putting them on hot tawa or in the oven.

These chillies can be added to various marinades and preparations for making veg and chicken dishes.

Lentils can be tempered with these delicious Kashmiri red chillies.

You can use roasted kashmiri red chillies for making a variety of rice, pulao and biryani.

The appealing red color can be easily given to the dishes who are colorless.

These chillies have the best use while making tomato sauces, soups, stews and many more such dishes.

You can grind the soaked kashmiri red chillies by adding a little amount of paste and then can be used as a red chilli paste for making pizzas, dosa’s, rolls’ uttapam and hundreds of snack dishes. 


Q. Is Kashmiri chili spicy?

A. No, Kashmiri chilli is actually very low on the spice level and is mostly used for its beautiful deep red color. Although not spicy, it still has a very wonderful flavor.

Q. What are the uses of Kashmiri chilli?

A. Kashmiri mirch or chilli powder is extensively used in Indian recipes. It is mostly used for imparting a very beautiful and deep red color to various curry-based dishes. 

Q. Is it safe/ reliable to buy Kashmiri red chilli online?

A. Yes, online shopping these days is very reliable and shopping for kitchen/ grocery ingredients is becoming more and more common.

Q. Why should I buy Kashmiri chilli  from SaGa?

A. If you are looking for top quality Kashmiri Chilli then SaGa is your place. We take immense pride in saying that our products aren’t just 100% authentic but also completely organically grown.You won’t just get to experience superior quality Kashmiri red chilli but also buy it at honest prices. Well, you need to try it to believe it and we are sure you won’t go back to using it from any other brand!

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