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Easy ways you can include Apricot in your diet


You can eat them as an evening snack. 

You may also add them to your fruit salad or smoothie. 

You can also sprinkle your ice cream with pieces of dried apricots. 

Dried apricots also taste well when you simply dip them in your favorite cheese and munch (gouda cheese pairs well with dried apricots)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can eating dried apricots give you gas?

A. There is limited information available. Dried apricots are high in fiber, and studies show that a sudden intake of high fiber may lead to gas

Q. How many Apricots should you eat in a day?

A, They are calorie-dense, we suggest you limit their portion sizes. A cup of dried apricots (about seven or eight) a day should suffice

Q. What happens if you eat a lot of apricots?

A. Apricot is taken in a small amount; the large amounts of apricot intake can lead to vomiting, sweating, faintness, giddiness, and losing consciousness

Q. When should I eat Apricot morning or night?

A. Apricots can be had any time of the day. They are commonly eaten during the evening or at night. You can either have dried apricots as they are or garnish them over salads, cereals, or some other recipes. Being naturally sweet, apricots can also be had as dessert. 

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